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I'm setting this up due to the fact that, it's really bloody hard to make any kind of real living out of my tunes as a single parent with a young son, and every little bit counts in the the expenses it costs to continue making and playing music from petrol to gigs and rehearsals, touring, printing physical items of merchandise, postage, studio time, artist fees, time in administration (which is a lot) writing time, artwork, instrument repairs and maintenance, computer payments, performer insurance, car insurance and repairs, internet, rent........all of those things valid to providing a space to rehearse, create, run a business etc. With your bits of support I have a tiny bit more freedom of actual time to spend it on making the music. I have a lot of Creative ideas and am rather ambitious and I dislike the anxiety at times at the lack of income derived from my actual art although i've been driving it toward a sustainable practice for over a decade. It's okay though, I'm not a sob story, and I'm not unemployed, however I am self employed and between cleaning, painting, lash extensions, and performance, I still a little boxed in and I have a lot to offer as an artist and some big plans for another EP, or Album, or both plus some further secrets I'm yet to reveal for a series of music videos. So if you;re feeling like I resonate or my tunes resonate with you, I appreciate your support! Very Very much!

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Sian Evans
Brisbane, Australia
Woman with pipes, stampy box and jingles. Can Guitar, can Banjo. Haz hat, will travel. Singer Songwriter, Mother, lover, friend, passionate creative vessel, totally an artist.

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